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Welcome Watamates from around the world! Tsunomaki Pasture was created to celebrate Tsunomaki Watame and her milestone of one million Youtube subscribers.

Who is Tsunomaki Watame, you may ask? The fluffiest and most melodic sheep you’ll ever meet! We invite you to browse the site so you can learn more about her and discover why we like her so much! Just remember one thing, no matter what happens… 


...Watame did nothing wrong!


Who is Tsunomaki Watame?

 "Watame is a sheep bard that travels the world. She loves singing and is fluffy! YES! FLUFFY!"
-Official Hololive bio.


 Watame is a 4th Gen member of the Virtual Idol agency: Hololive Production. She streams using a virtual avatar and her mastery over the expressions of her character is considered to be the best by many.

It’s been over a year since her debut. During this time, she has fostered a strong and caring community true to her character. She is wholesome, fluffy, and also knows how to meme around making it easy for her to connect with her fans. Her constant dedication and effort to her craft—be it streams or singing—are the cornerstones of her success.


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Singing Sheep

Watame’s main focus as a virtual performer is music. Anyone viewing her, even for the first time can see that she really loves to sing, and it shows through the many covers she’s performed, her original songs, as well as many live performances. She’s charmed us with her voice time and time again!

Wanna check out her work? Visit the Tsunomaki Discography below!

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The road ahead... 

Watame came to Hololive pursuing her dreams - come run with us alongside the Sheep as we head towards a solo live concert, an album of original songs, an anime song and eventually all the way to the Budokan !


Chatting Sheep

One thing all Watamates agree on is how relaxing her streams are.  When you join her chatting sessions be sure to get comfy,  grab a drink and some Watachips, and spend some time alongside our favorite Sheep!

Heads (and maybe a Tsunodrill) up:  Prepare for the long-haul. Watame really loves spending quality time with her fans which can lead to very long stream durations. It is normal to say good night to her as you go to bed, only to wake up and be able to wish her a good morning as she’s still reading Super Chats and chatting with her viewers.


Visit...archive ?

Actually, pretty much all of Watame's streams are chat streams...

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A passionate gamer that can match the mood of games from the action packed, manic atmosphere of games like Monster Hunter Rise, Smash Brothers or Mario Kart down to the warm and coziness of Minecraft or Story of Seasons.

Watame can also be moved to tears in story-heavy games like Undertale. Having a habit of challenging herself in games, she can spend a lot of time achieving her desired goals like she did when she finally managed to complete Getting Over It after 8 hours of continuous streaming, or when she achieved 100% completion rate in games like Void Terrarium or Papers, Please.

The sheep loves to play games with her fans and isn't afraid to challenge herself! While she loves to play, she actually has deeper aspirations - appearing as a DLC character for her favorite developer NIS in Disgaea 6. She also hopes to become a full fledged character in the future in games like Pokemon or Yokai Watch!