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First Original

Ai-Mai Chocolate

Release date:
July 20th 2020

Watame's first original song was released alongside her 3D model debut. As seen in the word play of the title, ambiguous (“”) and love (“”), Ai-mai Chocolate (“愛昧ショコラーテ”) is a song about a girl pushing forward through her doubts and insecurities to gain confidence in her growing feelings.

This lively song is accompanied by a bouncy "Wow oh! Wow oh oh!" chant as if the song is cheering and urging her forward as she lets out the feelings in her heart.


It's lyrics parallel Watame's struggles as she tries to find confidence in her abilities and the determination to improve herself in Hololive, while being ever supported by her colleagues and Watamates as she chases her dreams—one by one—to the Budokan. 

This song can be considered as a love letter to her fans, who are there for her despite her insecurities, and has come to appreciate and cherish the time she spends with them, to the point that she now hates saying good-bye to her fans since she has a lot of fun when talking to them.

Second Original

Cloudy Sheep 

Release date:
Dec 29th 2020

Watame's second original—Cloudy Sheep—has a long history. A short version of the song was released as a preview for her first mini-album, which was revealed to be an elaborate April Fool's prank. It wasn't until December 29th—the anniversary of her debut—that Cloudy Sheep was released in full alongside a real announcement for her first album, this time featuring a rap section by Calliope Mori to complement Watame's vocals.

Cloudy sheep is a more emotional song than either of Watame's previous originals. The lyrics focus on her resolve to paint a brighter future despite a painful past and the challenges waiting ahead. This song also differs from the other musical projects Watame has been in. Namely, the choreography in this music video is performed by Watame herself rather than the typical animated backgrounds or MMD.

The song conveys a message of self-improvement and hard work, as sometimes we lose sight of what we want to achieve because of the negative outcomes in our lives. In a way, her intention is for us to treat every new day as a blank canvas and to never let it all end as just a dream. (10).gif

Third Original

Release date:
July 1st 2021

Melody for you

Melody For You (キミだけのメロディ) was released on July 1st 2021 and is Watame's third full original song. Melody For You represents a new chapter for Watame on her journey, having grown in vocal skills, no longer recording from home, working with a production team and support members rather than purely electronic instrumentals. Not only did the sheep take her first step into bigger projects, she was overjoyed to be joined by talents - Kazuhiro Sunaga on bass and MASUKE drums - who had been support members for her favorite band Porno Graffitti.


With this song, part way through production circumstances changed and the background illustration was altered to reflect the situation Hololive 4th generation found themselves in with Coco's impending graduation. Rather than focusing on the negative feelings of parting, Watame sings a song about the time they've travelled together toward their dreams. Ever hopeful, she sings of overcoming any stumble or storm on their path, and a melody she will forever ring out to remind them she is there and they can shine together even if they can't apart.

FOURTH Original

Release date:
July 9th 2021


Sweetnight, Sweettime is Watame's fourth original song and was released on July 9th 2021 - less than two weeks after her third. As part of the new chapter in her musical career, Watame continues to impress with her growth. Not merely content with the faster release pace, the sheep adds to her discography by showing off an expanding range of musical styles with as many different types as she has original songs.

With Sweetnight, Sweettime, Watame sings what is essentially a character song for her. A cute and sweet tune infused with the sheep's bouncy rhythm - revolving around staying up talking and playing from sunset to dawn while sharing the company of someone close. The theme throughout strongly mirrors the content and context of Watame's streaming, as many Watamates could tell you of the times they've either whittled the late hours away with the sheep or have gone to sleep only to wake and see the sheep still streaming as the sun comes up.


Fifth Original

Release date:
July 26th 2021

Ode to an Eternal Future

Ode to an Eternal Future (御伽の詩と永久なるミライ) released on July 26th 2021 is Watame's 5th full original song. Once again joined by Kazuhiro Sunaga on bass and MASUKE on drums, Watame continued the swift advance of three original songs in four weeks with Ode forming the ending for the new original songs of phase one of her new path forward.

For Ode to an Eternal Future, Watame continued the same course taken by the other phase-one originals - continuing to be very much Watame in spirit but this time maintaining the divergence in musical style through the form of a ballad. Deeper and more emotional than in previous songs, she tells a tale of facing feelings of uncertainty and the powerlessness to grasp at distant dreams. In many ways it is her own story, the lyrics mirroring thoughts on her own struggles to attract people to her music and with herself through tear soaked days - and what she found to bravely forge on to a brighter future once again.

SIXTH Original

Good Morning Song

Release date:
August 11th 2021

Starting off another busy month, Watame continued a quick pace with her music. Releasing on August 11th 2021, Watame returned with her 6th original Good Morning Song (おはようのうた) done by T-Pocket who had also worked on her 2nd original Cloudy Sheep (曇天羊). The idea for this piece came after seeing comments from fans interested in a song where she would send them off on their day with some music - much like in the days of her Watame no Uta program.

As with Watame's preceding originals, Good Morning Song's lyrics have a personal touch and can be read as a page out of Watame's story. The song is a bright and encouraging letter to her fans to urge them on through their day. In life outside of the stream Watamates are working hard and Watame is too - allowing her return their kindness through new songs and a space for them to share together making memories day after day.

SEVENTH Original


Release date:
August 19th 2021

Continuing an exciting summer, August 19th 2021 became a day of celebrations. Watame's original music came full-circle with the release her 7th song "mayday, mayday" and the return of Junky, the composer of her 1st original Ai-mai Chocolate. The release of this song also coincided with the announcement of her first solo live concert! Planned to be held at Zepp Tokyo and through online distribution, the hard work of Hololive's top sheep over the past several months had borne fruit as she took a decisive double step toward her dreams.

While Watame looks soft and fluffy, mayday mayday shows she's more than what she seems. Fans familiar with Watame Night Fever have seen this other side in Watame singing L.L.L, Rising Hope - and this strength shines through here in the bit of "LiSA respect" Watame wanted to bring to the song. Mayday, mayday is stylistically set apart from her other songs she comes with a cool, rocking tune and lyrics that are a bit sexy - another fresh song from Hololive's premiere sheep!

Eighth Original

Zero no Ashiato

Release date:
September 2nd 2021

Following August's solo live announcement, Watame told her fans to be ready because more big things were coming! On September 2nd 2021 she surprised all her fans with the news that for each week in September there would be a new original song - starting with Watame's 8th original Zero no Ashiato (ゼロの足跡)!

Like Watame's earlier original release Cloudy Sheep, Zero no Ashiato released alongside an alluring 3D MV - with otherworldly visuals befitting its mystical tone. With a slower and melodic pace, here Watame sings a melancholic tale in the face of eventual partings, finding strength and meaning in the journey together. Much like those that came before it, while this original presents a new color of style, it none-the-less stays close to the returning theme of moving forward together. A beautiful addition to Watame's growing discography.