Ever since her debut Watame has received quite a number of outfits to wear, both for special and casual occasions.
All of which are exquisitely fluffy, of course...


New Year Outfit

A stylish New Year kimono with bright colors to match Watame's warm atmosphere and three hair styles the sheep can swap to match the mood. This costume also introduced more members of the Watamate family, the excitable Mochimates, in a stylish kagami mochi hat ready to dance at a moment's notice.



One thing many members dream of doing when they join Hololive is getting to stand on stage with everyone, donning their bright and cheery idol outfits to join in on song and dance. Watame shares this dream along with one little extra - to be able to carry her stylish hair accessory of a fluffy Watamate, so the dreams she sees and the stages she walks on she can take the Watamates right there with her.

5C4cUpY - Imgur.gif

In constrast to Watame's standard dress, this one comes in two different modes - a cheery, breezy outfit, with a transparent trim for staying light and airy to beat the heat of summer and a second form through the optional sweater for carrying her casual style through the cooler months. Perfect for relaxing or just jamming out, this casual outfit also comes with custom headphones and Watame's signature star glasses.

 Casual outfit