Watamel    ns

  Perhaps the most accessible of all Watameme categories. Watamelon is just a simple word play between Watame and Watermelons. 
  The meme also got a special recognition from Watame herself in the form of a rap song.



Warukunai yo nee? 

"わためは悪くないよねぇ?/ Watame wa warukunai yo nee?" is a phrase one could hear occasionally while watching Watame.

Translates into "Watame did nothing wrong!" The Sheep utilizes this powerful weapon whenever she slips up or make a mistake...wait, Watame never makes a mistake.

First appearing in a joke video apologizing for her slow internet speed, it has become her iconic catchphrase since then.


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As stated above, during Watame's debut period one of her unfortunate features was the constantly disrupting Internet connection. Later on, her Internet is lovingly dubbed "Kusozako Fiber" (lit. Shitty Fiber) or KSZK for short. Whenever there is some trouble with Watame's streams, this phrase will not  be far behind.

          As well known the Hololive resident sheep's fault-denying catchphrase, even from the early days of Asacoco Watame's wide eye look quickly became a fan favorite and staple at Hololive even spreading to other talents.

          Whether she's high as a kite off of asacoco, feeling a bit sadistic or just wanting to put a little extra pressure on Watamates - the best sheep always knows when to use it.




Apex...  prey?

  Watame being a deliciously beautiful Sheep in a roster packed with predators surely does not make her life easy... 

Often seen bullied by Fubuki and Mio while in other times led into remote locations by Botan... Even the Sun itself wants a piece of the famed Jingisukan! 

Fret not! For Watame has a special power: She can respawn immediately after eight seconds with no limits!

Wait... doesn't that make it worse?


I'll cut you!

The rise of Watame Shogun came with Bakatare 3D on Aug 28th 2020. The meme is a long term fan favorite seen in the sheep's art, channel stamps and the Watame Shogun short original featured in her Tsunomaki Direct. Whenever the sheep is being strong or the situation calls for the way of the shogun, she will be there blade in hand.