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Watame Birthday

  The first half of the year had been riddled with difficulties from her internet, struggles with confidence in her singing and long difficult hours with Watame no Uta, but Watame welcomed in her first birthday at Hololive on sheep day (6/6) to the overwhelming support of her fans during Watame Night Fever. From start to finish you could see the love between Watame and Watamates, especially in a deeply emotional Sousei no Aquarion.

3D Debut & First full original

Watame debuted her 3D model on July 12th 2020. This not only marked her 3D milestone, but it was also the first time we heard her first original song "Ai-mai Chocolate." As she was performing it on her 3D debut stream it was also released on Youtube that same day which has since passed the 1 million views mark.

On November 28th 2020 Watame participated in VARK Cinderella Switch alongside her close senpai Shiranui Flare. The concert was a big step for Watame, being her first ticketed event! The concert premiered in both standard streaming and in VR for a great stage experience. Each person had a 5 song block and Watame sang DoReMiFa Rondo, Sheep~Song of teenage love soldier~, Rising Hope, Fansa, and ending with Connect to bridge with Flare's opening song Luminous.

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  On December 21st and 22nd, Hololive held its second live event "Hololive 2nd Fes. Beyond the Stage". Watame and the rest of Hololive’s 4th generation of talents performed on both days as the opening act to the rest of the members. 

  On the first day, Watame sang with her genmates the song "Senbonzakura" as the opener and also did her solo-act by singing her original song "Ai-mai Chocolate". On the second day she sang "Roki" as a group with the rest of the 4th generation.

  It was also during this live event that an updated version of her original song "Can you say Hololive?" was first shown both days as an intermission; showing each day’s performers greetings, and later released on Youtube as a whole. This new version now showed every active member of Hololive performing their respective parts themselves, fulfilling one of Watame’s wishes to sing this song together with everyone.

1st Anniversary Live Fever! & Second Original Song

On December 29th, 2020, Watame debuted her third original song Cloudy Sheep during her "1st Anniversary Live Fever!" A Watame Night Fever special where she celebrated her first year in Hololive. This song was first teased during April Fool’s Day and was finally released on this event, while also now featuring a member of Hololive’s English branch, Calliope Mori. 

As part of her 1st Anniversary celebration she also announced the sale of goods that included her very own first album, consisting of 9 tracks that included her three original songs as well as the mini-songs she created during the year.

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